Just getting warmed up at the fireplace

It might not even be summer yet, but still, we just can’t help ourselves. You see, we’re already thinking of winter. We’re very excited about this because we actually love our winters. It doesn’t matter if it’s bitterly cold outside, or if it’s always pouring with rain outside or the snow’s too thick to venture outside. You see, the thing is this; we have plenty enough inside to keep ourselves busy with. We’ve also got more than enough handy to keep us warm.

It warms our heart to be telling you this at this time, know you’re thinking of other seasonal events, but we have our decadent or homely fireplace to sit or stretch out close by. Don’t worry, it’s quite safe. We look after our fire with any of the forks or prongs from our handy fireplace bellows stand or kit. We decided to halve this sentiment for your benefit. A decadent or homely fireside environment, we were in two minds about this because we were thinking of you.

There are those that would like nothing more than to spoil themselves with a little decadence, but without the expense. It’s a lot less challenging to create the homely atmosphere. Whether its fireplace accoutrements or living room decorative items, themes are safe and warm, just like our fire. With decadence, you add in your own sly charm. Compliment the hot, raging fire, still safe, just as long as the fireplace bellows are standing by, with rich, earthy colors in your next batch of lampshades.

You don’t need to replace the stands, simply switch shades as the mood strikes you. You can dim the lights or you can brighten up your living room environment with different colors.